10 Skills Every Digital Marketing Professional Should Have


10 Skills Every Digital Marketing Professional Should Have

Being a digital marketer, you’d have to comprehend the various shades of internet paradigms and how they work in favor of a business. It’s all about understanding how every social and digital platform operates and establishes connections among audiences and companies.

The industry of digital marketers(*) is comprising individuals that are executing an array of works. That can be email marketing or search engine optimization. Considering how the technology is evolving consistently, it prompts marketers to dive deeper into the digital techniques and enhance brand awareness, drive sales, and accomplish targets.

However, to be able to provide satisfactory results to your clients and associates, you must be professional and expert enough in your field. Or else, finding a replacement in this ever-growing environment wouldn’t be a tough task.

Thus, this post is to help you be familiar with skills that every digital marketer must possess. Read on and know more.

1. Keen Focus on Digital Marketing Analytics:

As per the expert predictions, the total amount of created data across the globe will hit a mark of 163 zettabytes by 2025. This gigantic boom in the growth of data will continue compelling digital marketers to turn their heads towards marketing analytics.

Contrary to web analytics, digital marketing analytics aim at revealing the ROI as well as the performance of all the digital marketing activities. This includes email marketing, SEO, blogs, social media(*), and more.

With these analytics, you’d be able to track customers throughout the journey and attribute specific actions to revenue generation. So, being a digital marketer, you must make yourself familiar with:

  • Emerging analytics fluency
  • Business acumen
  • Data Munging
  • Storytelling with data
  • Expertise in unstructured data

And, more.

2. A Brief Knowledge of Artificial Intelligence:

By 2021, the amount spent on cognitive and artificial intelligence systems is going to increase by up to $52 billion. Although this amount will be spread across different domains, however, the marketing niche will get its share for sure.

Since AI-based solutions are taking a toll, businesses are harnessing these to create a seamless customer experience for their audiences. Indeed, the current situation is already filled up with AI tools, like eCommerce bots(*), voice recognition technology, and more.

Being a digital marketer, not just you’d have to be aware of every new AI-based solution but work differently as well. Let’s take micro-segmentation as an instance. Over time and on various platforms, by analyzing the behavior of customers, AI can help you understand the audience at a granular level, enabling better personalization.

This will help to offload manual work. This way, digital marketers would have to create hugely personalized campaigns as well as content to align with their micro-audience personas.

3. Proficiency with Videos:

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Undoubtedly, video is a significant element in the entire digital marketing scenario. However, its role has been considerably changed in the marketing mix. Depending on the sentiments of customers, brands are using videos as strategic assets throughout the buyer’s journey.

If you believe a report by Forbes, 90% of customers claim that an interesting video helps them in the buying decision. And, 64% of them say that videos compel them to finish the purchase. Moreover, a video on the website can also help you increase your conversion rate by 80%.

In case you aren’t thinking of hiring video experts, you must ensure that your existing team knows when and how to use a video. Not just that, but they should also be well-versed with how to measure the performance of a video once it’s published on the internet.

For instance, YouTube now helps you measure a variety of metrics, such as watch time, some views, playback locations, exactly when people are stopping, audience demographics, sharing location, traffic sources, and more.

4. Content Strategy Development Abilities:

If you compare content marketing to paid search advertising, you’ll come across the fact that the former helps generate three times more leads than the latter. Right from leading projects to writing as well as editing, this is one skill that requires the involvement of both the left and right sides of the brain.

Often, content strategies comprise several teams, which simply means that you or your digital marketing team would require interactive skills, like flexibility, subtlety, and consensus-building.

Also, your team should be competent enough in multi-tasking and project management. You’d also have to be involved in discussions of data analysis, concentrating on the latest patterns and trends.

5. Voice Search and SEO:

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Unquestionably, SEO has been an integral part of the digital marketing mix. And, with several changes brought up in this concept, by 2020, it’s said that almost 30% of searches on the internet will be executed through voice.

If this turns out to be accurate, the SEO tactics and strategies will undergo profound alterations. On top of that, this change will also necessitate providing high-quality content. Fluff will be reprimanded. Thus, to be in the industry for long, you’d have to dig deeper regarding this shift and learn the optimization techniques accordingly.

Considering that Google regulates a majority of organic and paid search, this search engine will have significant changes in its algorithm, barring the ones already done. Hence, from a skill perspective, you and your team must spend some time understanding how forthcoming updates in algorithms are going to impact mobile strategies, SEO, and content strategies.

6. Social Media and Marketing:

If you don’t have to strengthen social media marketing skills, you may not be fit to call yourself a digital marketer at this age. And, that’s the brutal truth. Social media marketing is all about driving website traffic, boosting search engine ranking, and establishing a platform for the audience to engage and interact.

To spearhead the social media campaigns, you’d have to be ace in a myriad of skills. You must make your savvy with the capabilities that different social media platforms comprise. And then, you’ll also have to have strategic thinking skills. You must know how to be creative enough with social media copies and organized enough to look the page intriguing.

Apart from that, you’d also need quantitative skills that’d help you review and track analytics of social media platforms to make changes and alterations as and whenever required.

7. The Concept of Visual Marketing:

Increasing engagement levels through visuals seem to be a universal fact. Several studies have been conducted to prove that the audience gets more attracted through images than text.

Using images to garner more traffic isn’t restricted to social media platforms but ubiquitous throughout the internet.

And then, keeping in mind the types of visual media available, you must know what appeals to your target audience the most. And then, you should also be proficient in creating eye-catching designs, be it GIFs, infographics, or any other form.

8. Skills Related to CRM:

Customer Relationship Management comprises such strategies that you, as a digital marketer, can use to track and increase the customer experience. By familiarizing yourself with customer experience and interactions, you can connect with the target audience at an emotional and personal level.

If you wish your audience to market your brand, you’d need a specific skill set that can help enhance Customer Service Management. It also includes a level of empathy and excellent communication skills to succeed.

9. Everything to Do with Mobile Marketing:

Accordingly, half of the B2B buyers execute product research on their mobiles. And, at least 51% of the buyers discover a new company on their smartphones. This and many other facts should be enough to help you understand why mobile marketing matters.

Considering how the market of mobile marketing is growing tremendously, you must be clever enough to curate innovative ways to reach the target audience through mobile devices. Along with that, you must also know how to create mobile-friendly content to leverage the dependency of customers on small screens.

10. Skills Related to Emails:

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Last but not least, unless you aren’t an expert in email marketing, serving customers may become a bit tough. Email marketing is one of the operational ways to nurture a long-lasting relationship with your customers.

Thus, with email marketing, you’d have to think outside the box with dynamic campaigns. Knowing how to create strategies and use metrics as well as tools will help you analyze the click rates, platform navigation, and more.

Wrapping Up:

A considerable digital marketing professional must carry the ability to learn and adapt to every possible change quickly. As you’d have to work with diverse clients and teams, belonging to different niches, you’d have to know your plus points and weaknesses to create an active profile.

Although there is a myriad of other skills that you must have, the ones mentioned above surpass all of the others. So, before you step into this domain, make sure that your game is always updated and professional. Know more about these top 10 skills and never stop learning.

In the end, if you know any other additional skills required for a digital marketer, do let us know by commenting below.


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