ExpiredCivicFeed by AppSumo: The Media Monitoring Master

$49 $888
CivicFeed by AppSumo: The Media Monitoring Master
CivicFeed by AppSumo: The Media Monitoring Master
$49 $888

Get detailed analytics that identify media trends over time with CivicFeed - Starting at $49 Only!

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Stay Alert – Your Way

Media monitoring + social listening = better digital content

As more brands go digital, media monitoring and social listening are gaining momentum for customer insights. They help you identify mentions of your brand and assess what your audience feels about you.

With millions of sources online such as e-news, social media, broadcast & podcast websites, consolidating all the data that are actually relevant to your business is overwhelming.

But what if you could improve your digital content and your digital PR needs using these data? Then, you need this media monitoring master – CivicFeed.

Excellent reviews on this product on the AppSumo. Read reviews here.*

What AppSumo says: “CivicFeed is a media monitoring platform that helps you track your brand and develop more effective digital marketing.”

Normally, this is valued at $888. But with this amazing deal, you can get Lifetime access to CivicFeed’s Individual Plan for just $49!

Don’t miss this opportunity. Get this amazing deal now!*

See CivicFeed in Action:
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Why Choose CivicFeed?

Media Monitoring

Keep updated on your brand, competitors, and industry by tracking online news, social media, broadcast, and radio.

CivicFeed Alerts

Choose a person, keyword, or organization, select the sources you prefer and where and when you’d like to receive alerts, with tools such as Slack, Hootsuite or your phone.

(Robot) Research Team

Tracking and analyzing millions of sources every day and notify you when your brand, your competitors, people, or a specific keyword is mentioned.

AI Smarts

Smart algorithms to tailor your search and find relevant keywords for your search terms.

Media Landscape

Understand and evaluate changes in media narrative over time. Find out how a topic you are interested in is mentioned on social media and the people talking about it.

Distribute Stories

Find out the people behind the topics you care about. Create contact lists and reach the right people to talk to.

Measure Impact

Discover the impact of certain phrases on people and organizations, or how news stories are getting viral on social media. Use powerful analytics to help you strategize in distributing your story into different channels that matter the most.

What You Will Get From this Deal:

  • Lifetime access to CivicFeed’s Individual Plan
  • Must redeem your code(s) by Oct 1, 2019
  • Geo & Data Source Filters
  • Dashboard
  • Boolean Searches
  • Email & Slack Alerts
  • Mobile App
  • News + Social
  • 20 Alerts (stack up codes to get more alerts)
  • 50,000 Mentions per month (stack up codes to get more mentions)
  • 1 Users (stack up codes to increase no. of users)
  • Journalist Database
  • Public Data Sources (SEC filings, legislation, etc.)
  • Hourly Updates
  • 10 interactive reports at any time (stack up codes to get more reports)
  • Unlimited PDF Report Exports
  • All future Individual plan updates
  • Stack up to 5 codes
  • 60-day money back guarantee, no matter the reason
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CivicFeed by AppSumo: The Media Monitoring Master
CivicFeed by AppSumo: The Media Monitoring Master
CivicFeed by AppSumo: The Media Monitoring Master
CivicFeed by AppSumo: The Media Monitoring Master
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