Achieving marketing objectives through applying digital technologies and media.

Marketing means all the activities that the enterprise has to undertake to win and keep consumers as long as possible to achieve a specific goal, marketing activities focus on delivering value at the right place, at the right time and at the price that is acceptable to consumers. Although there are many marketing definitions, it can be seen that all of these definitions converge to a point and that marketing is a whole set of activities the enterprise takes to meet the needs of consumers most enjoyable.

Any change in our product information will first be viewed by the Internet visitor.

From all that was said above during this paper, we conclude that the interest in advertising our activities through the internet should be increased. With this kind of marketing, we make the right choice. The Internet enables us to broadcast quickly worldwide, to anyone who is interested in our products or services.

Online advertising is the best way to make our activity known, a new and extensive information Tool that has been successfully applied for many years in all other countries of the world. Already this long-awaited reality found his confrontation in the eyes and minds of all.

To advertise our online activity means to identify faster and more, expecting to be more successful than others, saying to rank higher than others in the main search engines, meaning to we have a more significant traffic of visitors, summing it all in one single sentence; indicating that we have found the gateway that enables us to gain massive publicity.

Digital Marketing enables the advertisement for which you pay to show it to an audience set by you.

During advertising, you can choose to display ads only in front of a group of people of a certain age, at a specific location over a specified period. As a business you know what and who are the ideal consumers and through digital advertising, you target your ad to appear only in front of this audience so that the number of people who will convert to your potential customer will be more significant. Presence in digital channels should never be one-sided.

By interacting with your existing but potential customers you gain their trust, help brand empowerment, and all of these affect the growth of sales/customers. Another benefit of being present is that you can monitor what customers are saying about your brand and you can become part of these discussions. It would be an excellent surprise for these customers to see that you as a brand are interested in what they think and that you take into account all their opinions.

On the other hand, your absence in these digital channels where your customers are spending most of the time gives a wrong signal to the existing but also the potential customers for the company and the services/products you offer. A significant number of businesses in our country have just established an online presence through the website or social networks. However, to justify the costs that have been made to create this presence, you must achieve specific objectives of your business through it.

If the number of visitors is not satisfactory or is not qualitative in the sense that customers are not converted to your company, then it is a problem to justify the expenses incurred. Digital Marketing enables you to review your online strategy, determine the type of ideal visitor who is likely to become a potential customer and then target that audience group with ads and bring them to your website.

Digital marketing nowadays is quite exciting and of great benefit to both parties; both for consumers and for companies, so by:

  • Increased productivity of the company;
  • Facilitate the process of buying/selling products/services;
  • By helping companies reduce costs;
  • Improving the image of the company;
  • Providing better services to consumers;
  • And some of the benefits that consumers can bring to them are that consumers do not need to travel to a product/service;
  • A very efficient form and for a swift time etc.

Therefore, based on the analysis and in the research we make, we recommend businesses:

  • To apply this new marketing form from which you will undoubtedly achieve positive results. Without any hesitation, this field brings great positive benefits, so if you are in the best position to do so, do not hesitate to try new forms of digital marketing. Today, this is the most accessible and most ubiquitous form.
  • We advise that the marketing department at all times be promoted, but in addition to own interest on business expansion, revenue growth, cost reduction, and others, also consider the market demands, needs and wishes of consumers.
  • We recommend the different business sectors who have not yet tried digital marketing to start with this new field to see the positive changes and impact on business.

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