Do more things that make you happy

Do more things that make you happy

And do not concentrate only on the important and urgent things

I do not know about you. Somehow in life, the things that make you happy are missing. We are so constrained in work and duties that we forget about all the tasks of the real life and what it means.

You always push things that will make you happy in an unspecified future. Because things that make you happy are in no hurry and they are not urgent. And that’s exactly where the evil lies. In everyday life, things go down that make us happy. And I do not just count activities like going to the cinema, but also people who are around us and are important to us.

And so I take a good intention for the new year: “Do more of what makes you happy.” – and I am sure that it will also make the people around me feel better (which otherwise annoy me with my sometimes bad mood) :-).

Greetings Sascha from the Black Cat Deals Team

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