Endorsal by AppSumo: Beautiful Testimonials for the Ultimate Social Proof

$49 $588
Endorsal by AppSumo: Beautiful Testimonials for the Ultimate Social Proof
Endorsal by AppSumo: Beautiful Testimonials for the Ultimate Social Proof
$49 $588

Fully automate the process of collecting and displaying testimonials - Get Lifetime access to Endorsal for only $49!

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This Deal is from our Affiliate Partner AppSumo

No more fishing for compliments

Automatically collect and display high-quality customer testimonials.

Gathering high quality customer testimonials is significant to every business.

But you don’t always get immediate response when you ask your customers to write a review for you.

While gathering customer reviews is undeniably important, it’s always a long, painful game of back-and-forth.

That is, unless you let Endorsal do the job for you.

Excellent reviews on this product on the AppSumo. Read reviews here.*

What AppSumo says: “Endorsal fully automates the collection and display of testimonials so you can receive higher-quality endorsements, from more clients, in less time.”

What’s even greater is, you can get Lifetime access to Endorsal for only $49.00! That’s 92% savings from its regular price of $588.

Don’t miss this opportunity. Get this amazing deal now!*

See Endorsal in Action:
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Why Choose Endorsal:

Sync to Other Platforms

Sync reviews across different review platforms including Google My Business, Facebook Pages and Yelp.

Wall of Love

Display all of your beautiful testimonials on an infinitely-loading page for the ultimate social proof.


Users can fetch and add avatar from social accounts or by uploading an image.

FOMO Popups

Increase conversions by triggering timely messages featuring your best testimonials.

Incentivised Requests

Make your loyal customers feel that they are valued by giving them rewards when testimonials are completed.

Individual Embeds

Increase conversions by contextually embedding specific endorsements anywhere on your website.


Remove hurdles by providing customers pre-filled forms with customer data from your CRM, email service providers, and automation software.

Live Previews

Customers can see their testimonial on real-time preview, adding to the fun-factor.

Existing Testimonials

Quickly add existing testimonials via the dashboard or import them from other platforms via a CSV file.

What You Will Get From this Deal:


  • 50,000 Monthly Active Users (stack up codes to upgrade)
  • 250 Monthly Submissions (stack up codes to upgrade)
  • 5 Sites (stack up codes to upgrade)
  • Fully automated testimonial collection and display
  • Sync reviews with other platforms
  • Endorsal branding removed
  • Incentivized requests (requires min. of 2 codes)
  • Wall of love (requires min. of 2 codes)
  • FOMO popups (requires min. of 2 codes)

Deal Terms:

  • Lifetime access to Endorsal
  • Must redeem your code(s) within 60 days of purchase
  • All future plan updates
  • Stack up to 5 codes
  • GDPR Compliant
  • For new Endorsal users only
  • 60-day money back guarantee, no matter the reason
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