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Video Is King

Video is king! This wisdom has been around for a long time and is becoming increasingly important. To create high-quality videos, you need the right tools.

There are a lot of video editing programs on the market with many options.

Most video editing programs run on desktop point Flixier; however, it is a program that advertises in another variant to convince.

We tested Flixier and put together a video review.

Video editing can be a little or a big adventure. Above all, the wrong tools can take a lot of your time. Is there a tool that you can use to save time and money?
Check out this review video!

With my review, I would like to help you get a picture of this software and this offer.

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When presenting Flixier, I made sure to find all the advantages and disadvantages and show them to you.

But let’s get started with the review!

You all know the problem: you want to create a video quickly.

Then the questions arise:

  • What software can I use?
  • Can I create commercial videos with the software?
  • Where can I get video and audio material from?
  • Does the software run on my operating system?
  • Is my computer or laptop fast enough to render videos?

That’s where Flixier comes in.

What is Flixier?

Flixier is software that can be used to create and publish videos.
Many other programs can do that too. What is unique about Flixier?

With Flixier, you can create high-quality videos, whether you are a beginner or advanced.

The software is delivered as a SaaS application. That means it should run on any device and operating system with no problems.

SaaS also means that it is effortless to transfer data from one computer to another. Annoying downloading and uploading to the cloud via USB stick or upload is no longer necessary.

Updates also do not have to be made by the user at SaaS. The software provider carries out the updates directly on their server.

For the makers of Flixier, online video editors are your future in video editing.
However, they also acknowledge that there are a few things that an online video editor cannot achieve compared to its desktop brothers. However, they do not say which they are.

The length of the videos

A significant drawback at Flixier is the substantial limitation of the video export rate and storage space. In the single plan (i.e., a code). I can only export videos for 5 hours a month, and I have 40GB of storage space available. Even if I “stack” several codes, there is no “unlimited.” This is the case with many other offers. More storage and export time is something that many users want and also criticize these restrictions.


The interface works via drag and drops => this is already standard in the meantime, and the other programs do that too.

The Flixier user interface corresponds to the current status and is tidy and very clear.

Rendering and processing speed

Flixier uses cloud computing. This feature is said to make editing and rendering super fast, regardless of whether you are sitting on a weak or powerful computer. According to Flixier, videos should be finished in 1-2 minutes. In the beta phase, that was still 2-3 minutes, and Flixier is probably working on pushing the rendering down to 1 minute.

And that’s a big plus. Because converting large video files requires a lot of computing power. And on a computer with little computing power, this process can take a very long time. If you’re unlucky, you won’t even be able to run another application without problems while converting.

Video export

After rendering, you can upload your video directly to your video platforms such as YouTube ™ or Vimeo ™. An unnecessary buffering on your computer or mobile phone is therefore no longer necessary.


Flixier is a SaaS application. The video or media files are now online and can be viewed and revised from any computer with an Internet connection. The collaboration should work in “real-time”.

For each code redeemed, 3 team members are possible.

At this point, you have to say that SaaS means that nothing works if you don’t have an internet connection.

Why is collaboration so important when creating a video? It’s like other projects too. Very often, many people are involved in a project and should give their opinion and suggestions for improvement. It’s comfortable with Flixier. You can create a link and show the video to your customers or colleagues.

Media stock footage

Flixier comes with a collection of over 1 million music, video, and image files. This means that you can easily add media to your videos. You don’t have to buy licenses or search for the files on the Internet, download them and upload them again.


It also includes overlays, motion titles, and animated text.

All in all, you can say that Flixier comes with all the components to create a good-looking video.


Stage Smart Snap

This allows media items to be positioned quickly and relative to other elements. https://flixier.com/blog/easy-video-composition-with-smart-snap

Chroma Key

With the Chroma Key Feature, you can make a specific color from a video “invisible.” Common editors already have this feature. However, I cannot use the Chroma feature on all visual media. Mostly Chromakey can be used on video sequences, but not on writing and pictures. It sounds unspectacular at first. With the Chromakey feature on texts, you can create significant effects.



One may forgive a lousy picture, but not a wrong tone. Audio files can, of course, be imported into Flixier. Either your files, files from audio directories, or the Flixier media library.

Like the other media files, sound files are dragged and dropped to the right place in the video. Flexier advertises with a flexible audio system that enables the user to edit each audio track on the timeline individually.

Intros and transitions

With Flixier, appealing intros or transitions between the different sequences can be created in no time. There are more than 50 transitions available.

Videos can also be customized with Flixier in a variety of ways. With animations of elements and animated text.

Who is Flixier for?

Marketers, teachers, vloggers who want to speed up their workflow (video editing and exporting).

Original price of Flixier

Starts from 10$/month

Price on AppSumo

Starts from 69$ for one Code (stackable)

What’s in the deal?

  • Unlimited projects
  • 1080 HD resolution
  • Unlimited review links
  • Advanced editing features
  • Extreme video processing speed
  • Direct publishing to social media
  • Custom aspect ratio
  • Square and vertical aspect ratios
  • Record webcam and microphone
  • 1 Milion FREE images and video footage
  • Green screen
  • Motion text & objects
  • Picture-in-picture and split-screen
  • No Flixier watermark
  • Priority onboarding

Our Test result on Flixier and the AppSumo Deal:


  • Google Fonts integration
  • Unlimited video and audio tracks
  • Unlimited REview links
  • Lifetime deal – no monthly/yearly fee
  • All future updates are included (not a matter of course)
  • Video templates
  • Easy for beginners
  • Overlays
  • GreenScreen even on text
  • Ultra-fast rendering of videos
  • Fast editing in the browser
  • Device-independent software – can also be used on “weak” devices
  • Fast transfer from one cloud to another, without going through the computer
  • Direct transmission to video portals and social media
  • Catchy user interface
  • Team collaboration
  • No more software licensing questions
  • Easily add text and effects
  • Free media material (pictures, music, videos)
  • Import of JSON After Effects templates for Motion Graphics
  • Recording of videos, screen, and microphone


  • Number of hours for exporting the videos is concise for $ 69
  • Limited storage space – some projects may reach the limit
  • No “unlimited” from a certain number of codes
  • No 4K in the deal
  • No clickable elements available
  • No recording of system audio

That was my Flixier’s review. I’m happy if you leave a comment below on the page, on the video or like the video.

I hope this video and post gave you a good insight into the functions, pros, and cons of Flixier. Below you find a few useful links and an affiliate link to the deal on AppSumo. So if you are going to buy Flixier, I would be happy if you would use my affiliate link. You support me in my work and make new review videos possible. Thank you for that.

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