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In need of a GDPR Compliance Solution?

GDPRpop - The All-In-One GDPR Compliance Solution

Make your website GDPR compliant now!

Meet GDPRpop – the software that allows you to “copy & paste” to make your website GDPR compliant.

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Things GDPR requires you to do:

  • All your sites and apps must have a cookie consent option (this has been required for a while now).
  • Your sites need a detailed Privacy Policy.
  • Your sites need a detailed Terms & Conditions document.
  • You are required to have a cookie policy.
  • You must give users a way to request to sell all the data you hold on them.
  • You must give users a way to request that you delete all the data you have on them (i.e. the right to ‘be forgotten’)

Stop spending a lot of time in setting up things manually for your several websites.

Instead, get one central place that can manage it all!

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Works on every website

Regardless of if it is a static HTML, WordPress or some 3rd party page builder, GDPRpop works on all existing apps, sales pages and etc. You just need to make a GDPR compliance campaign and copy & paste one single line of code to all of your sites and apps and you are done.

Cookie consent app

Normally you would need a script, app or plugin for cookie consent. But it can now be handled for you directly from GDPRpop.

Full customization

Edit and customize all the content, select fonts & colors you want and even add videos & images. This makes sure that you are compliant but still conforms to the appearance of your site or app.

Use on one or unlimited sites

You can use GDPRpop to one site or to a whole set of sites and apps.

User data can be requested

Users can request all the data you have on file. GDPRpop has a request function into the app wherein users will fill out and submit the form. You will receive the request in your inbox and then you can approve their request and give the data they need.

Data deletion request system

Users can request to be “forgotten” which means, all the data you have on them will be removed. This is another automated function wherein users will just fill in and submit the form and it’s up to you if you will act on it.


No need to download or install anything. Just log in, click create, add some basic info and save it. Then copy and paste the 1 line of code to the site you need to make compliant, and you are done.

Lightning fast

GDPRpop makes multiple sites GDPR compliant as fast as it can possibly be without coding knowledge required.

All in 1 place

You can make ALL your sites GDPR compliant in one place.

Location intelligence

Set up your GDPR campaign according to your visitors’ geolocation.

Consent logging

Consent logging means when a user accepts your terms and thereby consents to your use of their data. All consent data is stored and can be accessed at any time.

3 Easy Steps To Use:

1.) Create your campaign.

2.) Add your details.

3.) Copy and paste 1 line.

What You Will Get From this Deal:

  • Unlimited Sites Usage
  • Cookie consent app
  • Data request app
  • Data deletion app
  • Privacy Centre
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