HappyForms – Review

Better forms and sign-ups for WordPress

Extensive and straightforward – hardly anything to be desired

We tested the Happy Forms™ form software. This software has recently become available as a deal from AppSumo.

The software is attractive for website operators who want to create more extensive forms quickly and easily. It’s comfortable with Happy Forms™. Indeed, the wheel is not reinvented here. Many of the elements can also be found with other representatives of this type of software.

What we noticed is that there are a lot of plugins for other form of software, which significantly increases the functionality of the software. We do not know anything about this software. Maybe it’ll come after all.

For most users, the range of properties should be sufficient. If you need it more complicated, you may have to switch to other software. For example, I cannot make entries from the form software directly into a PDF and then send it. I always need this option from customers who e.g., want to create a registration form as a PDF. Other software applications already solve this.

Indeed, you have to counter the demands with the more than fair price. Happy Forms™ is unbeatably cheap. The software uses the right benefits for three codes because you get a lifetime for an unlimited number of websites.

The question of integrations will inevitably arise again and again. As is well known, there is never enough 🙂 For most of my requirements and applications, and it is entirely sufficient.

We have long considered the number of Tacos. First of all, we wanted to assign four because of the lack of PDF integration and the user interface on the Happy Forms™ website. But the price for lifetime and the possibility to install three codes on an infinite number of websites has led us to give 5 Tacos (and the hope that the PDF functionality will still be integrated).

✅ Easy to use
✅ Very versatile
✅ Lifetime usage + unlimited usage with three codes
✅ Easy data export (no additional plugin required)
✅ The license can be moved to another site
✅ Friendly and fast support
✅ Send PDF attachments

⛔️ Account management
⛔️ Integration of form submissions into a PDF
⛔️ Activating the account


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