ExpiredLessChurn Lifetime Access: Churn down for what by AppSumo

$49 $1,500
LessChurn Lifetime Access: Churn down for what by AppSumo
LessChurn Lifetime Access: Churn down for what by AppSumo
$49 $1,500

Reduce churn and increase revenue with LessChurn lifetime access

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This Deal is from our Affiliate Partner AppSumo

Reduce the number of people unsubscribing

Do you give your customers options before they hit that delete my account button?

Here to minimize the number of people deleting their account is LessChurn. Read reviews here.*

What Appsumo says about this deal: “LessChurn reduces churn and increases revenue by giving customers who are on their way out a reason to stay.”

There’s no denying that it’s very alarming for an app or website if they have a growing number of account deletion. The reason so many people have been deleting their accounts would be very helpful to alleviate the number of people from leaving.

CRO or Churn Rate Optimization is significant to long-term success and every business want to reduce it as much as possible. The importance to retain the old ones is far more essential than to attract new customers.

Introducing this lifetime access to custom LessChurn plan to help you stop a good number of account deletion.

A custom LessChurn plan includes:

  • All detour options (“Extend my trial,” “Get a discount,” or any of the other dozen options.)
  • Ability to add/manage three websites to your account (and have a separate churn form for each)
  • Ability to customize the churn form
  • Access to all churn analytics pages
  • Unlimited monthly saves

Normally, LessChurn Business Plan is valued at $468 a year. But with this amazing deal, you will get LessChurn lifetime access for just $49!

So take advantage of this deal now and reduce the number of people unsubscribing.*

Some previews of the deals highlights:

Embed in your app or site wherever unsubscription happens a fully customizable form.

LessChurn lifetime access

Get actionable data from reports on deletions and feedback.

LessChurn lifetime access

LessChurn dashboard showing numbers of deletion attempts, accounts saved from deleting and other useful data.

LessChurn lifetime access

Reduce a good number of account deletion and gain valuable information from the few who decided to exit.

LessChurn lifetime access

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