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Create and send emails from inside WordPress

We have just tested the newsletter service MailPoet. MailPoet is currently available at AppSumo as a deal, and we took the opportunity to take a closer look at MailPoet.

First of all, we asked ourselves what MailPoet a program to watch? We found the answer very quickly because MailPoet advertises that you are a mail program that can be used from your own WordPress website. We wanted to test whether this actually represents a particular benefit for the user.

What Problem solves MailPoet?

As we understood, MailPoet wants to be an easy-to-use newsletter application that works under WordPress.


The purchase of a license and the creation of a user account went very quickly and easily. The user account is clearly structured. No unnecessary frills and not overloaded.


In advance, I contacted the support via the AppSumo page about a question about data protection. The answer came very quickly and was competent. A solution was offered.


With the starting price for one code $ 49 for lifetime at AppSumo, the software is a real bargain. We have replaced our newsletter service with MailPoet.


The service offers excellent benefits, especially for inexperienced and mediocre users. Or also for users who don’t want to spend too much time setting up and tinkering with a newsletter tool.


Those who like to work with the WordPress interface and drag and drop will love MailPoet. The application is very intuitive and catchy. Attractive looking newsletters are created very quickly. The user guidance in WordPress is evident and clear.


✅ Easy to use
✅ Beginner-friendly
✅ Friendly and fast support
✅ GDPR compliant
✅ Lifetime deal
✅ Usage on unlimited websites
✅ Unlimited emails
✅ No branding


⛔️ Automation functions are limited
⛔️ No tags for newsletter Users
⛔️ Limited segmentation options
⛔️ No split testing


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