Personal Growth Phases to go Through for an Improved You

Let’s make a resolution to improve ourselves

With the year 2020, let’s make a resolution to improve ourselves and personally grow for a healthier and happier lifestyle ahead. Personal growth and development are resultants of the effort you put in yourself to become an improved version of yourself.

For different people, personal growth may mean different. For instance, some people refer to it as a point in life when they’re content with everything around them. Another example of personal development is the feeling of completion you get from your partner.

While there is no wrong definition of personal growth, there are certain character traits you need to possess to be fully developed and grown.

Some of these characters are:

  • Having an accepting nature towards changes in life
  • Readily taking on challenges
  • Always active and energetic
  • Never making excuses for behavior
  • Eager to help and learn new skills

Such a personally grown and developed person is not insecure and feels content with his life. If you’re looking for ways to enjoy the contentment and motivation one has with such a mindset, here are the five stages of personal growth you need to go through to become a better you:

Realization of Lifestyle Choices

This is the first step of personal growth, and here is where the game begins. It can be said that you were leading a rather lazy and demotivated life before finally realizing you need to take charge. This is the realization phase when you first understand how vital self-growth and development is.

Not only do you become considerate of yourself but also those around you. You start evaluating the importance of having the will and power to make decisions, be spontaneous, and change the game.

The consciousness of Personal Growth

This is the second phase that makes you aware of how much time you’ve spent and how things need to be different, moving forward. Your subconscious usually hints about the routine lifestyle you’ve been leading and how it directs to nothing. However, the conscious need to be alert in order to take the hint and do something about it. In this phase, you consider how some expectations in life were not fulfilled, and it is okay for them not to be so.

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Actions Speaking Louder than Words

The third phase has to do more with how you react to self-realization than thinking. This is when you know you have to start acting upon the feelings you’ve discovered. This is the time when you start reflecting on everything you have been doing and carry out the transformation in a real way. 


Here’s how it’s done:

Consciously striving for personal growth

Change does not begin overnight. You need to make sure you’re aiming for a better lifestyle and a healthier mindset without having any second thoughts about the matter. You need to have the will and courage to struggle and believe that you can go on another day without relapsing to something traumatic that may have happened to you.

Getting socially active

One great way of personal growth is by interacting with other people. This is because interaction and social communication offer exposure and the ability to reflect on things in a new way. You develop a different perspective and emerge as a new person who wants to contribute to his character growth.

Counting your blessings for personal growth

Every day, it’s necessary that you get up with a grateful heart. Be it taking notes in your journal or simply reminding yourself of your worth and blessings, and it is essential to be fully aware of how valuable your life is. This leads to the development of a positive attitude and long-term happiness.

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Accepting & Sustaining Personal Growth

Once you’ve reached a point of self-actualization and developed a way to integrate transformation into your life, the next phase is taking yourself. It is often difficult for us to realize how significant change is. Sometimes, we strive for change with a motivated heart but end up relapsing when we have to implement it on a daily basis. This is where self-acceptance becomes absolutely crucial. Mostly, we’re unable to accept the changes we have implicated in ourselves. 


Following are some ways to take the new you without feeling displaced: 

Creating a vision board

You need to physically write down the changes you want to be implemented in yourself and then read them every day to ensure you accept them. Creating a vision board of changes you want to see in yourself will also help evaluate how important each of them is. You can get even after the vision board as time goes on, and you realize something less hectic can be added.


Keep a timetable

If you’re incorporating physical changes in your lifestyle, you can keep a timeline, including all activities you want to integrate into life. These activities can include a walk in the park, a talk with your neighbor, or only a swing that you want to take in the morning. Keeping a timetable keeps you on track and lets you realize what activities are bringing you the most happiness.


Have a companion

More than anything, you need someone as your mentor or companion who can push you at times you feel low. We often experience a relapsing moment when we want to go back to the way we were leading our lives earlier and not make any more efforts for change.


Keeping a companion who can push you out of this troubled phase will prove extremely useful!

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Servicing Others

Once you’ve become content with your life and have found a way to sustain the positive change, you have to start influencing others around you. You will be surprised to find out how many troubled souls surround you. The first step will be to make conversation with them and understanding their struggles. You can serve them by sharing your personal experience about growth and all the phases you had to go through. You will be doing them a huge favor!

Personal growth and development are incredibly fulfilling, especially if you go all the way through these phases and start helping out those around you!


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