Personal Growth & Development: The Change You Need

Why the answer is personal growth

We come across lifestyle choices that change us. Frequently without realizing, we become better versions of ourselves. What is vital in ensuring we’re headed towards the right path, and our change is how our lifestyle in the future should be? The answer is: personal growth.

Personal growth refers to discovering and rediscovering yourself as someone who is striving for a lifestyle amidst different people. Unintentionally, we strive with like-minded people because they help enhance our personal growth. Our aim is reaching the ultimate height of growth and development we can contain in our personalities.

Development and growth at a personal level can only be obtained if there is a conscious effort put into the matter. One cannot merely reach a high point in his character without striving for it. So what needs to be assessed is how one can ensure personal growth and development, using conscious efforts. Following are a few activities that can be used to implement personal growth and ensure you develop character traits that are exemplary.

Activities that Help with Personal Development

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Being Comfortable with Yourself

The first thing you need to understand for personal growth and development is being comfortable with yourself. You will never be able to achieve a healthy and enjoyable lifestyle unless you are happy with who you are. Everyone has a set of challenges they have to face on a daily basis. No one has a perfect life, even if they display it to be so. Be yourself, enjoy who you are, and own up to everything you believe in and stand by. Here’s a list of things you can tell yourself in the morning to feel more comfortable in your skin:

  • Believe in being unique and original
  • Understand the importance of staying true to yourself
  • Never lie about who you are
  • Never try to impress someone
  • Always smile and remain neutral towards controversial aspects

Having a Positive Attitude

Now, this may seem a little tricky at first. Being positively glowing and happy all the time is not possible for anyone. Everyone has a turning point where one wants to give up and run away from all responsibilities. It is undoubtedly a more natural way out. However, consciously maintaining a positive attitude not only helps you battle obstacles but leads to a healthier lifestyle. Be the person who always looks at the glass “half full” and understand why it is so important to look at the silver lining of every situation.

Reflecting on your Day

How do you know you’re making the right choices in life without taking the time to realize their impact? At the end of the day, you need to evaluate if all your actions are helping you grow on a personal level or not. If your activities are mundane and do not excite you anymore, you need a change in how things are managed daily. Think of it as making your own vision board. Jot down everything you do and how it does or does not help with personal growth and development. This will help you eliminate any decisions that are not worthy of your time.

Rewarding for Personal Development & Growth

Every person needs to have a reward and punishment system put in place. These help one define his actions and have a little fun when they’re towards the right path. For every day you do something that makes you positive towards life and become an improved version of yourself, you reward yourself with a fudge cookie or an extra hour of watching television. Something as familiar, yet enjoyable as an activity would be just what you need to feel better and head towards the self-actualization path!

Importance of Personal Growth & Development

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While we’re all aiming for growth, development, and a positive attitude on a personal level, why is it so important? They are essential because they have a profound impact on every action you take and every decision you make in life. Not only does this positive change makes us appreciate everything in life, but fully live.

Living with a heavy heart, containing grudges and anger deep inside, is never going to make you lead a happy life. When you’re headed towards a better version of yourself, you feel comfortable from within and strive to make others around you happier with your actions and intentions.

Changes You will Experience if on the Right Path

Creating a vision board of your activities helps you understand whether you are headed towards the right path, i.e. the path to personal growth and development. Following are the changes you will notice in yourself as a result of personal development:

  • You’re happier and more energetic
  • You are ready to take on challenges
  • You feel motivated to help others
  • Your family and friends give you compliments
  • People say they can rely on you
  • You anticipate change in routine and want to take risks

Ensuring you’re Consistent with Growth

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Knowing you require specific actions to be taken into account for personal development is the first step on the ladder. The second and more difficult step is ensuring all these actions are consistent. Waking up with a smile on your face and a happy heart, eager to take on challenges of the day, is not as easy as it sounds, especially if you’re planning on doing it every day. So how do you make sure you’re consistent about the positive attitude you’ve adopted?

Finding a Mentor

Make sure you have someone in your life who urges you to be the better person by taking small steps in life. Your mentor can be your spouse, your friend, or even your parent.

Set Calendar Notifications

We rely on our smartphones for everything, why not for our personal growth too? Set notifications for specific actions that unconsciously make you head towards personal growth. For instance, set a regular time daily for exercise, routine time for reading, etc.

20-20-20 Formula

A lifestyle formula by life coach Robin Sharma about how to break your productivity hour is just what you need in life. The initial 20 minutes can be taken for carrying out your daily tasks, the mid ones for assessing and planning what lays ahead and the last 20 minutes for reflecting on everything that has been carried out.

It may seem steep at first, but once you get to realize who you are and get comfortable with the idea of reaching the highest point in life, you will be able to do so with persistent efforts. It’s all about taking one step at a time!


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