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After Stackby has been on AppSumo for so many weeks and received excellent reviews, we thought we’d like to take a look at this software.

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I noticed relatively quickly that it is an application that offers a lot of possibilities and options.

At first glance, Stackby looks like a simple spreadsheet, and I thought: “Why does the world need another spreadsheet software?” However, contacting the software manufacturers encouraged me to take a second look at Stackby, and it was worth it.

The user interface might have put me off at first because I somehow had a different expectation. When I watched the manufacturer’s video, I opened up worlds and, therefore, the meaning and the possible uses of Stackby.

Stackby combines the user-friendliness of a spreadsheet (yes, I know, not everyone will share this opinion) with the functionality of database applications. Anyone who has ever worked with a database program will have noticed that they are powerful, but also very complicated to use and program. It’s different at Stackby.

Creating databases is easy. Linking individual “stacks” – this is how the individual databases are called to form a relational database – is also very easy. Once you have seen through the logic of Stackby, there is a massive wealth of possibilities. Whoever has cleared the entry hurdle will be able to create a compelling and useful database.

I only scratched the surface with my little test. If you are thinking about getting the software, then you should definitely watch the video from Rachit: 


✅ Very versatile
✅ Easy built a relational database
✅ Lifetime Deal
✅ 75+ Pre-built templates
✅ 15+ API Integrations
✅ GDPR ready
✅ Very friendly staff


⛔️ Not easy for beginners
⛔️ No information about data processing addendum on the website (important for European users)

(*) If you use the affiliate link to buy the software, we will receive a small commission. This does not make the product more expensive for you. This commission helps us to finance our offer and our reviews.


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