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From the dawn of the internet

Right from the dawn of the internet, the demand for eye-catching designs has been consistently increasing. From the beginning of the online business era, designers have been on their toes as they fulfill the universal requirements in terms of trends and designs.

Today, the internet has become an excellent playground for designers. And, online businesses are turning more appreciative towards the advantages that they can gain from a well-executed graphic, be it an infographic or a simple creative.

And, why wouldn’t businesses take the extra step in creating the best of their imagination? After all, 65% of the online audience believes in visual learning.

If you look back over a few years, an infographic is something that has become a growing trend in the market. Being the visual representations of information, these designs are considered cool these days. Although they’re meant to put data and valuable info forth, if you compare infographics with simple bar graphs and pie charts, you’ll find the former one more attractive.

Surely, along with design trends, they’ve evolved drastically as well. Moreover, with brands like Google, The New York Times, USA Today, and more sharing them; infographics are here to stay.

But, designing an infographic might not be the same as creating a flyer or a brochure. Even some of the well-known designers are unable to execute an eye-catching design for infographic(*).

Thus, when you get on this job, there are certain do’s and don’ts that will help you get better results. Don’t worry; you wouldn’t have to search through a pile of articles to find these practices. This post is going to help you, just right. Read on and know more about it.

  1. Do Research from Reliable and Credible Resources:

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When you’re confidently putting something out for your target audience, you cannot take the credibility for granted. Therefore, you must make sure that you’re researching well enough from reliable sources before publishing anything.

See whether the source has published the latest information or it’s too old. Do newer resources have similar facts and data? Do you agree with the info available?

Also, to make it look more trustworthy, you can add the year into your infographic’s headline. The key to success is to present such information that will educate your viewers.

  1. Don’t Forget to Mention Sources:

Even though you’re referring the well-known and established platforms of your niche, your audience wouldn’t know it until you’re making it obvious. While citing sources on the infographic may seem a bit odd, but it’s an essential activity.

Without sources, your design wouldn’t be an infographic but a poster with stuff that your viewers may not consider to be true. Whether you’re adding eye-catching typography or soothing colors, without anything to refer to, people wouldn’t be able to cross-check the data. This way, they might have a tough time trusting your brand.

  1. Do Make It Clutter-Free:

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Adding all sorts of information may seem like a great idea. After all, you want to keep your audience informed, right? But, adding too much into the design can make it look chaotic.

And, as obvious as it can get, anything that’s cluttered can be an eyesore for the viewers. So, make sure you’re using a lot of white space in your infographic and keeping it away from the mess.

  1. Don’t Settle Down for Ordinary Graphs and Charts:

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If the result of the infographic is going to look merely like an ordinary Excel chart or graph, it’d be better if you drop the idea of creating one altogether.

An effective and creative infographic goes beyond lines and circles. While the information could be boring, you’d have to run the horses of your mind to make it look interesting.

You don’t have to hire an innovative designer to do the job. Instead, you can simply take some inspiration from good infographic ideas(*) available on the internet. But, make sure you aren’t copying any piece from any of the already existing design.

  1. Do Use an Adequate Color Combination:

Infographics are all about stimulating the visual appeal. Even if you have a great story to present, if the infographic has lousy colors, it wouldn’t gather much attention.

Thus, ensure that the colors you’re selecting complement each other. You can even consider using a universal color palette or theme that’d blend well with the basic appearance of your website.

Moreover, if you find it difficult to choose the right one, you can go with the 3-color palette rule. It comprises selecting a light color for the background and two others to make the separation of sections. This technique always works.

  1. Don’t Avoid Font Palette:

While investing the time and efforts in choosing colors, don’t lose the interest upon the font palette. Just picking up a new font and using that one all over the infographic would do no good.

To be able to create a well-designed infographic, it’s essential to finalize weights, sizes, and fonts that you’ll be using in different sections. It will not just help you maintain the consistency but will also improve the overall look of the design.

Similar to the color palette, you can decide upon at least three different fonts. And then, assign them to the respective parts of the infographic. If you want, you can also use Google Font Tool to pair fonts together.

  1. Avoid Being Predictable:

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One thing that you must keep in mind is that if your viewers are going to spend time on the infographic, they expect something valuable out of it. And, if you aren’t showing any out-of-the-box angle, the efforts can go in vain.

Even if you’re picking up an ordinary topic, you must avoid making it too predictable. It can be done by tweaking the headline in an interesting way. And, you must also add such information that isn’t too common.

All in all, the usefulness should ooze out of every corner of your design. Making one predictable design can flop your future creations as well.

  1. Don’t Use Clip Arts or Templates:

You cannot expect the infographic to go viral instantly if all you’ve added in it is lame clips or used downloaded templates. This practice isn’t going to enhance the uniqueness of your infographic but will make it look similar to thousands of others on the internet.

Using outdated clip arts might not go well with your target audience. And, this may even hamper the reputation of your business. By using exceptional designs and creating an infographic from scratch, you can easily differentiate your brand from amateurs.

If you are unable to take this responsibility, you can hire a freelancer to execute this job. However, come what may never lose the originality of your brand.

  1. Tell an Intriguing Story:

Who doesn’t love a story? In fact, finding an interesting plot is one of the primary strategies that digital marketers use to market their content. Therefore, you must find out a way of communicating an attractive story in a visual format.

Basically, your infographic should have a flow, such as:

Problem – Solutions with Data – Conclusion – Call to Action

Keep a target of fascinating your audience with the infographic. It can be done by offering them a primary hook, making it the center of the entire story.

  1. Don’t Try to Fit One Size Everywhere:

Although creating a one-size infographic may save your time, however, this may not benefit you as per your expectations. If your brand is active on different social media channels, you’d have to post the required size for each one of them.

For instance, if you want to create a Facebook event with the infographic, the adequate size would be 500 x 262 px. But, if you want to use it for Facebook post, then the right size would be 1200 x 1800 px. (Source) (*)

Similarly, different social media platforms have varied requirements. So, make sure you’re looking into this aspect thoroughly.

  1. Do Concentrate on Marketing:

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This is one of the major mistakes committed by several marketers and business owners. You just cannot let the infographic market itself. Similar to any other content marketing technique, you’d have to be pro-active with marketing the infographic as well.

You can make use of blogs, social media, and other tools available on the internet. Also, make sure that you aren’t leaving any stone unturned in promoting the creation.

From basic to essential strategies, create a full plan of marketing this form of content. Only then you can find success in return to your research and efforts invested.

Final Thoughts:

When it comes to infographics, you must focus everything on data and information. After that, design around it adequately. At the end of the day, keep in mind that your job is to make the story behind spreadsheets and numbers shine bright.

You’d have to invest a lot of time in creating the entire process. Furthermore, you can even add links and CTAs in your infographic to make the results adequate. Lastly, don’t forget to track it for better output.

Do you know about any techniques? If yes, don’t forget to share with us.

– Sascha from Black Cat Deals

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