What Entrepreneurs and Sisyphus have in common

Why an Entrepreneur and Sisyphus are similar

You maybe know the story of Sisyphus of the old Greek mythology. Sisyphus was punished by the gods and had to roll a stone on a mountain every morning. And with great effort and effort. When Sisyphus came back to the hill the next morning, the stone was down again. Sisyphus is, therefore, often regarded as an image of failure.

Ahh – and now you say: that’s precisely what I am as an Entrepreneur. I work and do, but I do not always make progress, and the work that I have done so hard and eagerly today is back tomorrow.

That’s how I felt a lot when I thought about the past day.

So what?

But then I remembered my philosophy professor. He took us to interpret the image of Sisyphus differently.

The professor said, “Although Sisyphus knows that the stone will be back the next morning, where it was each of the past days, Sisyphos always manages to have the courage and strength to roll the stone back up the mountain. Again and again.” So Sisyphus does not let this stone get him down.

And that’s what makes an Entrepreneur: Perseverance, perseverance, and a goal in mind.

Do you like to read the whole story of Sisyphos? Check out the story on greekmythology.com.

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