ExpiredZag.ai by AppSumo – The #1 Content Strategy Platform

$39 $395
Zag.ai by AppSumo – The #1 Content Strategy Platform
Zag.ai by AppSumo – The #1 Content Strategy Platform
$39 $395

Find huge SEO and traffic opportunities with Zag.ai - For Only $39!

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This Deal is from our Affiliate Partner AppSumo

Boost Organic Traffic The Smart Way

Zag.ai: Game-changing intelligence for content strategy & SEO.

SEO and digital marketing can be confusing and challenging sometimes especially figuring out what content strategy techniques works best for your business.

Luckily there’s a tool where you can remove the guesswork, save more time & focus more on promoting your content effectively in order to climb the rankings.

Meet Zag.ai – an all-in-one platform to get ideas, discover trends & boost traffic.

Excellent reviews on this product on the AppSumo. Read reviews here.*

What AppSumo says: “Zag.ai is a mighty SEO platform with multiple apps that help you grow your traffic, boost your ranking, and discover your best marketing activities.”

Normally, this is valued at $395. But with this amazing deal, you can get lifetime access to the Zag.ai Lite Plan for just $39!

So don’t miss your chance. Get this amazing deal now!*

See Zag.ai in action:
Why Choose Zag.ai?

Market Research

Discover the insights into your market. See the trending topics in your niche. Expand your target market by tapping new audiences. Competitive intelligence to know what’s actually working.

Content Strategy

Find out the best performing content in your niche. Discover what topics are getting a lot of engagement. Identify content that actually generates profit. Easy pivotal breakthroughs that will increase your entire growth strategy.

Content Promotion

Find out new promotional channels that can easily drive traffic. Monitor  communities for key topics & questions in realtime. Discover who’s mentioning your competitors. Tap existing channels by prospecting well-ranked pages.

Competitive Intelligence

Discover what’s working for your competitors. Get an estimate of your competitors’ actual traffic by page & keyword. Discover their content strategy techniques & recurring efforts to grow visibility around key topics. Find out their best influencers.

Keyword Planning

Discover new ways of keyword targeting. Get thousands of non-obvious, totally valid keyword targets. Find out your competitors’ actual traffic % by keyword. Dig into your Google Console to find out which of keywords drive substantial traffic.

SEO Insights

Discover your full traffic potential with organic search. Uncover proven, realistic targets, optimize your current rankings find out your untapped keywords.

What You Will Get From this Deal:

  • Lifetime access to Zag.ai’s Analytics & Insights Apps
  • Must redeem your code(s) by July 1, 2019
  • App 1: SEO Prospector
  • App 2: First Impressions
  • App 3: The Big Picture
  • App 4: Treasure Map
  • App 5: Raving Referrals
  • Up to 20 campaigns
  • Access to Growth Insiders (private mastermind group)
  • Dedicated, world-class support
  • This deal is not stackable
  • 60-day money back guarantee. No matter the reason.
See what others are saying:

“Paint-by-numbers” for content marketers… Zag saves us so much time when it comes to planning out our content each month – and we’re just scratching the surface with a couple apps. It’s like ‘paint-by-numbers’ for content marketers. We love it!

Alex Miller - Founder & CEO at UpgradedPoints
See previews of the deal's highlights:

Zag.ai Lite Plan Includes:

Zag.ai by AppSumo - The #1 Content Strategy Platform

Zag.ai helps you pinpoint high-priority data.

Zag.ai by AppSumo - The #1 Content Strategy Platform

SEO Prospector

Zag.ai by AppSumo - The #1 Content Strategy Platform

First Impressions

Zag.ai by AppSumo - The #1 Content Strategy Platform

Treasure Map

Zag.ai by AppSumo - The #1 Content Strategy Platform

The Big Picture

Zag.ai by AppSumo - The #1 Content Strategy Platform
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